About Us

We are a recruitment agency based in the Turku region. We recruit new workers and provide personnel solutions services.

We provide our customers and employees with good and reliable services. Our customers’ and employees’ satisfaction is our priority. With good and personal service we can assure our customers’ and employees’ satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our staff has a long-term experience in employment market and working with different companies.
  • Our specialists provide you best solutions and services.
  • We have specialists from different fields.
  • Our staff has over 10 years of experience.
  • Our company follows collective agreements

Why choose a recruitment agency

Reasons you might need personnel solution services:

  • acute need for work
  • project which need more workers
  • seasonal variation
  • vacations
  • sick leaves
  • increase in sales
  • need for specialists

We provide best solutions for you:

  • Our personnel service solutions are easy, safe and perfectly priced.
  • We have professionals in different fields.
  • Our long-term experience help us provide you best solutions.
  • We provide long- and short-term personnel service solutions.

We provide personnel in the following fields:


Infrastructure Construction

Logistic and Storage


Furniture and woodworking industry

The electronics industry

Cleaning and sanitation


The food industry